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6 Signs A Merchant Cash Advance Will Work Better For You Than A Loan

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At Maple Advance, we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t partial to cash advances. However, we will admit that business loans could potentially be a better fit for some situations. The problem that most business owners have when it comes to securing loans is figuring out whether they should go with a traditional bank loan or a cash advance. In many cases, they don’t choose the...

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What Happens If You Can’t Pay Your Business Loan?

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It’s a tale that’s being told throughout the world: a business owner took out a loan to boost their company, but can’t quite make the payments they thought they’d be able to make. It happens to everyone, including veteran company owners who have a great history of financial success. If you’ve never had this happen, you’re probably wondering what happens if you...

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5 Ridiculous Things That Can Get Your Bank Loan Application Denied

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If you’re a business owner, chances are that you’ve heard a lot of horror stories about applying for a bank loan. You may have heard of people with booming businesses get rejected, or heard about people who were extremely financially stable having to put up homes just to get approved. Banks have become infamous for rejecting small business loans in recent years, and much of it is due...

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